What are User Classes?

User Classes are used on the Psychology Network to:

  • control access to parts of the Psychology Web Site,
  • control access to external resources (eg: Qualtrics),
  • potentially allocate Print and Disk Quota,
  • membership on relevant Mailing Lists. 

User Classes

Main user classes are:

  • lec: Academics Teaching Staff and Postdocs.
  • student-pg: Psychology Postgraduate Students.
  • staff-professional: Professional Staff.
  • ra: Research Assistants.
  • tut: Tutors.
  • visit: Visitors to the School.
  • xlec: Adjunct, Affiliate, Sessional and Honorary Academics.

You can be a member of multiple User Classes.

To find out which User Classes you belong to go to the Account details page.

If you believe your User Class membership is incorrect, please contact webmaster@psy.uq.edu.au.